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PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction PAIR

Discontinuation of Ricoh Security Lens products

The sales and distribution of all security lens products will be discontinued on March 31st, 2019 excluding Chinese Market.
As this might cause inconvenience on your side, we would like to ask for your understanding. Thank you for your continued support and interest to Ricoh products.

Note) Date of discontinuation for Chinese Market will be determined separately as exception.

Jun 30, 2018
Last day to accept orders
March 31, 2019
Last day of distribution
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Sales and support of 55 X zoom lenses will be continued by Kenko Tokina.

RICOH COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce that sales and support for 55 X zoom lenses will be continued by Kenko Tokina, a well-known manufacturer of optical products.
After Ricoh announced the withdrawal from Security Lens Business, number of inquiry for Ricoh 55X zoom lenses were more than expected. Kenko Tokina and Ricoh have reached the agreement that Kenko Tokina will continue to sell and support Ricoh 55X zoom lenses.

Available Products ;
Support ;
Ricoh 55 X zoom lenses
Schedule – Kenko Tokina
Start accepting orders :
August 1st, 2018
Start taking support requests :
April 1st, 2019
Contact information – Kenko Tokina

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
Tokina Sales Division
Tel: +81-3-6840-2948, Fax: +81-3-6840-2918

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Ultra-Telephoto Motorized Zoom Lens incorporating
PAIR (PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction) technology!

Winner of “Best in Video Device” category at ISC West 2010! 

Winner of “Best in Public Safety Solutions” category at ISC West 2011! 


  • Effective not only for fog and rain, but also airborne particles of sand, smoke, and snow.
  • Re-introduces colour from degraded images in real time.
  • Autofocus function improves the ultra-telephoto zoom lens operation
  • PAIR II is equipped with the industry's first heat-haze-reduction and image stabilising functions.
  • Contained within the lens, the system is suitable for any camera.
  • Instantly renders clear images when switching from one image to the next in joint surveillance systems.

image:Vision blurred by sandstorm

Vision blurred by sandstorm



image:Whitened scenery in snowfall

Whitened scenery in snowfall



All PAIR series: Fog reduction

  • Our unique image processing technology reduces both liquid microparticles (fog, rain etc) and solid microparticles
      (smoke, sand etc).
  • Unlike systems using optical filters that filter the visible light wavelengths leaving a black & white image.
      PAIR maintains a color image thus aiding target identification.
  • Systems filtering visible light suffer from a lack of intensity and brightness.
  • PAIR not only allows adjustment of image brightness but also backlight compensation and enhancement of images
      at night.
  • PAIR technology used in conjunction with the autofocus function improves focusing accuracy

image:Early morning backlight subject

Early morning backlight subject



All PAIR series: Auto Focus

  • The average focusing speed is 4.5 seconds, and boasts the highest level of autofocus speed in the C-Mount lens class
  • Operability of difficult focusing with super telephoto lenses is significantly improved

PAIR II: Heat haze reduction system (*incorporated in H55ZBME-F-HD-PR02)

  • The first ever lens to come with heat-haze-reduction in one compact design.
  • Heat haze reduction aids motion detection.
  • Used in combination with the fog reduction function can help to eliminate atmospheric interference caused by factors
      like rainfall.

image:Before heat haze processing

Before heat haze processing

image:PAIR II


PAIR II: Image stabiliser (*incorporated in H55ZBME-F-HD-PR02)

  • Image stabilisation is essential for viewing long distance objects
  • An especially useful function for super telephoto lenses, which can become blurred easily with only minor vibration.
      The effects of wind on high CCTV masts creates excessive vibration to images
  • The electronic image stabilisation that PAIR utilizes is more reliable than optical systems.
      The stabiliser parameters are optimized for the specific lens characteristics.

image:Before Image stabilisation

Before Image stabilisation

image:After Image stabilisation

After Image stabilisation

PAIR system controls and configuration

Zoom, focus, autofocus, and the PAIR system are controllable by computer via an RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 interface. The on-board algorithm reduces all image interferences, for capturing a clearer, more natural picture. All PAIR functions are controlled remotely from a PC. Instant switching between pre-processed and post-processed images is possible at the click of a button.

image:PAIR system controls and configuration

  • (1) The zoom lens with built-in PAIR connects with a PC via an RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 interface.
  • (2) Images captured by the CCD camera are input back into the PAIR board integrated in the zoom lens.
  • (3) The Processed image is altered according to the parameters set by the software on the PC utilising the camera's
          output video signal.
          Users can select any camera, because image processing responds to the video signal produced by the selected
  • (4) Outputs video images to a PC with a standard video capture device.

Differences between the PAIR system and other systems

The reduction system which utilizes a penetration effect from near infrared light is effective for fog. Interference from solid particles however cannot be penetrated with near infrared light. Also, for color reproduction, as near infrared light can only obtain black and white images, green objects (trees and grass, etc.) will be expressed as white.

With the PAIR system...

This kind of thing does not occur.
The on-board algorithm reduces all image interference, in order to capture a clearer, more natural picture. Also, all PAIR functions are controllable by computer.

image:Differences between the PAIR system and other systems

Easy operations with PAIR

image:Easy operations with PAIR

Zoom, focus, one-shot AF, etc. and the PAIR system are controllable by computer via an RS-232C, RS-422, and RS-485 interface. By changing the PAIR image parameters, edge emphasis, contrast emphasis, and color tone adjustment is possible. Also, switching between pre-processed and post-processed images is possible in real time.

*Illustration to the right shows an example of the operation screen