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Rewritable Laser System

Contactless Label Rewriting System Ricoh Rewritable Laser System

Rewritable Laser System

Contactless printing/erasing solution made possible with laser technology.
Realizes labor cost reduction by automated label reprinting.

Ricoh’s solution can write and rewrite up to 1,000 times using a laser diode system and specialized rewritable laser media.
Rewritable laser media pre-attached on tote containers absorbs laser beam that generates heat to print, erase reprint both human- and machine-readable information on it.

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Images: Rewritable Laser System

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System Configuration Examples

Tote containers transported on conveyor line

Image:Tote containers transported on conveyor line

Stacked tote containers on AGVs

Image:Stacked tote containers on AGVs

  • Reference only. Other configurations are possible accordingly.
  • If Rewritable Laser System is to be used with lifting device, an additional evaluation is required.

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