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Rewritable Laser System Key Specifications

Product Appearance

Product Specifications

Rewritable Laser Marker

Laser Laser output Printing Class 4 30W
Erasing Class 4 125W
Wavelength 918nm
Printing/erasing area 110mm
Print contents Characters Double-byte character:Alphanumeric, Hiragana, Katakana, Symbol,
Kanji (JIS 1st and JIS 2nd level), IBM extended characters
Single-byte character:Alphanumeric, Katakana, Symbol
Decorative characters Bold characters, Reverse characters, Open face characters
Character size*1 2mm~30mm
Barcode type Type Code39、Code128、 ITF、NW-7、GS1-128
Barcode data capacity Up to 46 digits
Two-dimensional code type Type QR code (model 2)
QR code data capacity Maximum 300 characters (Kanji)
Printing time Depends on data amount
Erase time*2 2.1 seconds
Line width*3 0.25mm
Interface Data communication Network 10/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, Socket communication
Character code UTF-16
Control Terminal type Round crimp terminal
Standard work distance 114mm
Work distance variation range With position compensation*4 114mm±10mm
Without position compensation 114mm±3mm
Power consumption Printing 160VA±30VA
Erasing 450VA±50VA
Waiting 120VA±30VA
Power supply voltage AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
External dimensions Head unit W:162mm D:330mm H:280mm (excluding protrusions)(W:6.3” D:13.0” H:11.0”)
Laser unit W:250mm D:430mm H:350mm (excluding protrusions)(W:9.8” D:16.9” H:13.8”)
Controller unit W:200mm D:430mm H:350mm (excluding protrusions)(W:7.9” D:16.9” H:13.8”)
Fiber optic tube length
(distance between head unit and laser unit)
Weight Head unit 18.5kg±0.5kg(40.8lbs±1.1lbs)
Laser unit 14.5kg±0.5kg(31.9lbs±1.1lbs)
Controller unit 12.0kg±0.5kg(26.4lbs±1.1lbs)
Operation temperature 0℃~35℃ (without condensation or freezing)
Operation humidity 30%~80% (without condensation or freezing)
Noise Less than 80db
Standard (radio safety, product safety, laser safety) IEC61010-1:2010
  • *1Indicates the range of character size that can be set. Due to printing conditions, small characters may not be reproduced sufficiently.
    Recommended font size is 4mm or more.
  • *2With Type A media erased at 22℃. The erase time varies depending on the operation temperature.
  • *3Reference only. May vary depending on printing condition.
  • *4With the distance correction function activated.
  • *Product specifications may change without notice. Last update: August 1, 2020.

Rewritable Laser Media

Classification Item Specification Test method
Basic properties Thickness (including liner) 297±30μm Ricoh test method
Base material PET -
Imaging/erasing properties Imaging color Black Visual inspection
Background density 0.25 Maximum Ricoh test method
Image density 1.1 Minimum
Density after erasing Background density +0.03 Maximum
Image preservation properties Light resistance Density after printing 1.1 Minimum
Density after erasing Background density +0.03 Maximum
Water resistance Density after printing 1.1 Minimum
Density after erasing Background density +0.03 Maximum
Adhesive properties Low temperature (at 5℃) 5N / 25mm minimum
High temperature (at 60℃)
Cleaning solution resistance (70℃ alkali/neutral solution)
  • Warranty unit:1 box
  • Operation conditions:5~35℃、30~85% RH without condensation
  • Storage conditions:Store indoors (0~40℃, 30~85% RH, without condensation), avoiding direct sunlight and humidity
  • Warranty period:For unopened products stored under the storage conditions mentioned above, this product specification shall be guaranteed within 12 months after shipment from Ricoh
  • *Product specifications may change without notice. Last update: August 1, 2020.

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