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Industrial Inkjet Printheads

  • Industrial Inkjet Printheads

    Industrial Inkjet Printheads

  • TH5241

    Industrial Inkjet

    RICOH TH5241

    Ricoh's 1st thin film piezo printhead, enabling high definition printing in a wide range of applications by compact package, ink compatibility and jetting stability.

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  • RICOH MH5320/5340

    Industrial Inkjet

    RICOH MH5320/5340

    In addition to high durability by stainless steel housing, ink compatibility are enhanced. This Inkjet head is use for various application by high-definition and high-productivity.

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Ricoh Inkjet Printheads

Ricoh has a broad product lineup, with effective evaluation tools, and the necessary technical support to assist with product implementation.
We put the power of over 40 years history of Inkjet technology experience to work for you.

Image : Major Features of Ricoh Inkjet Printheads

Product Lineup

High-end Printhead models with excellent durability, low-end models that are designed for moderate applications, and high function models with ink circulation and high temperature capabilities for specialty applications.

Technical Support

Ricoh can provide technical support in waveform optimization, ink compatibility testing, and printhead integration.

Evaluation Tools

Ricoh developed evaluation tools are used for performing jetting optimization tests to best match the printhead with the ink to achieve maximum performance in the application

Technology Development

Ricoh has over 40 years history of Inkjet technology experience. 
We will continue to provide inkjet heads with excellent durability, accuracy, and productivity for today’s customers and tomorrow’s applications.

Other features

Flexible tuning of analog waveform

Customers are able, by themselves, to tune print head waveform in line with their own unique ink characteristics

Technical support

We offer the technical support in waveform, ink evaluation, printhead implementation

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