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High definition by Ricoh original MEMS technology

By using MEMS technology, Ricoh's unique design means the RICOH TH5241 is a compact printhead with 320 x 4 rows of 1,280 nozzles*. In addition, high-definition printing of up to 1,200 dpi can be achieved by jetting fine droplets.
* There are two sets of 600npi with a staggered arrangement of 300npi nozzles per row.

RIOCH TH5241 supports multi-drop technology that controls drop volume by merging several droplets in flight before reaching a media surface. It enables grayscale expressions.

image:Highly versatile

Highly versatile

RICOH TH5241 is compatible with UV, Solvent and Aqueous based inks. This inkjet printhead can be used for various applications.

○ Sign-Graphics
○ Label
○ Textiles
○ DTG(Direct to Garment)

Thin film piezo printhead with high-definition, high-reliability and high-versatility.


image:RICOH TH5241

  RICOH TH5241
Method Thin-film piezoelectric transducer with bend mode
Print Width 27.1 mm (1.06")
Number of nozzles 1280 (320 nozzles/row x4 rows, staggered)
Nozzle Resolution 600npi(2 colors, 1 color) 300npi(4 colors)
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) A : 2.286mm B : 6.095mm
Compatible ink UV, Solvent, Aqueous, Others.
Total printhead dimensions W:52.7mm
Weight 63g
Max.number of color inks 4 colors
Operating temperature range 40℃
Temperature control Integrated thermistor, without heater
Firing frequency 40kHz (2 levels)
24kHz (4 levels)
Grey-scale 4 levels
Drop volume 3pl (Single drop)
3~12pl (max 21pl) (Multi drop) 
Viscosity range 7mPa・s
Surface tension 27±5mN/m


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