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Industrial Inkjet Printheads

  • Industrial Inkjet Printheads

    Industrial Inkjet Printheads

  • RICOH MH5421F/5421MF

    Industrial Inkjet Printheads

    RICOH MH5421F/5421MF

    Offering high resolution printing and recirculating functionality, this latest printhead enables increased ink compatibility with high durability.

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  • RICOH MH5320/5340

    Industrial Inkjet

    RICOH MH5320/5340

    In addition to high durability by stainless steel housing, ink compatibility are enhanced. This Inkjet head is use for various application by high-definition and high-productivity.

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Major Features of Ricoh Inkjet Printheads

Ricoh has over 40 years history of Inkjet technology experience. In recent years, inkjet applications are increasingly expanding to include label, packaging, textile, 3D modeling, food and medical. Ricoh provides a range of printheads with high durability, high resolution, high productivity to meet customers’ various needs.

Image : Major Features of Ricoh Inkjet Printheads

Bi-pitch Laminated Piezo Actuator

Active poles are supported by inactive poles at both ends, which enables stable, accurate control of ink discharges by increasing pressure in an individual tank

Variable drop volume capability

This technology allows printheads to vary the effective drop size, which enables both high resolution & high productivity

Ink recirculating structure

The new recirculating structure enables continuous ink flow resulting in:
- Prevent the nozzle from drying/ ink particle sedimentation and achieve highly stable jetting performance
- Reduce the maintenance downtime/ ink consumption by preventing jetting failure from nozzle clogging

Integrated heater

Integrated heater enables high viscosity ink compatibility

Other features

Flexible tuning of analog waveform

Customers are able, by themselves, to tune print head waveform in line with their own unique ink characteristics

Technical support

We offer the technical support in waveform, ink evaluation, printhead implementation

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