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Automotive Stereo Camera

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Automotive Stereo Camera

High accuracy, Down-sized Stereo Camera using Ricoh's Optical design and Image processing technology

Stereo camera, which uses 2 cameras to create parallax image and calculate distance has a benefit of accurate distance calculation, but for Automotive uses, down sizing the module was an issue to overcome.
RICOH has a technical background of Stereo Camera starting from for AF(Auto focus) sensor for Degital cameras.
Having this background, RICOH Industrial Solutions utilized it's Optical design technology, Vairous calibration technology, Real time parallax adjust technology, and realized a Small and High accurate Automotive Stereo Camera.

Moreover, by it's unique dense stereo matching technology, it is possible to detect pedestrians, other vehicles, guard rails, and even road conditions, therefore, to contribute to detect free space of traversable road surfaces and obstacle avoidance by steering control.
Dense stereo matching, on the one hand enabling detection of unevenness and irregularities of road surfaces, on the other hand has an issue of processing speed due to the amount of data.
RICOH Industrial Solutions enabled productization by speeding up data processing.

RICOH Industrial Solutions will continue to accelerate our development to further expand business in the AD(Autonomous driving), ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) field, where needs are growing and becoming ever more sophisticated.

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