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Microlens Array

Mircrolens array is an optical device, contains aligned multiple microlenses formed on a substrate.


  • Focusing or dispersing light
  • Controlling adjacent light


Lens figure Circle, square, hexagon, etc.
Dimension tolerance of lens R±3%
(Fabricated under the most suitable conditions for each alignment figure)
Lens size 5~500μm
Lens alignment Square pack, hex pack, random pack
Alignment pitch 5~500μm
Substrate Size :10mm□or more
Thickness:Approx. 0.6~1.6mm

Circle, square, hexagonal packing, etc. are available, and lens design is also available. So, please feel free to ask about yourrequests.

And please inform us of your plan such as schedule of prototyping and mass production when you need our solutions.

Additional time may be needed to respond to mail received on or immediately before or after weekends, holidays, or the year end/New Year's. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.