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Automotive Products

We integrated our optical and image processing technologies to cultivate a range of products, centered on offerings for advanced driving assistance systems and autonomous driving. We manufacture the world’s smallest vehicular stereo cameras, with which we have top share in the japanese compact car market. We are building a development and mass production structure for the worls’s first laser scanning head-up display (HUDs), which employ our proprietary laser technologies to deliver outstanding color reproduction and visibility.

Monitoring Camera (Lens)


  • Being produced mainly for surround view
  • Adopted to luxury cars in Europe

View Camera

  • Wide angle view camera (Able to correspond to HDR)
  • Adopted to commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle
Human Machine Interface

Projection Unit for Laser scanning HUD

  • Being developed with the data writing unit and the technologies of projection business

Mirror for Display

  • Apply the key devices of projection business
  • Adopted by US, European manufacturers
Advanced Driver Assist Systems


  • Being produced mainly for monocular and millimeter-wave radar

Laser Rader

  • Being produced mainly for obstacle detection

Monocular Camera

  • Being produced mainly for the road white line sensing camera

Stereo Camera

  • The smallest model for low segments in the world
  • World-first model for automobiles in high end segment, detecting the road surface condition


  • In development based on Design, Evaluation, Production technology cultivated through HUD