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iC Series

Product Specifications

CPU Supported CPU Intel ® Atom™ Processor N2600 (1.60GHz)
Intel ® Atom™ Processor N2800 (1.86GHz)
Intel ® Atom™ Processor D2550 (1.86GHz)
CPU Socket Mounted directly (BGA)
Chipset PCH Intel ® NM10 Chipset
Memory 1slot (DDR3-1066 ECC not supported)
Maximum capacity: 4GB (2GB when N2600 installed)
Auxiliary storage device Internal bay *1 2.5-inch HDD × 1
2.5-inch SSD × 1
CF×1slot (TypeI, TrueIDE)
CFast×1slot *3
Front bay *2 CF×1slot(TypeI, TrueIDE)
CFast×1slot *3
Interface USB 4ports (2ports are a rear panel option)
Serial 4ports (1port is a rear panel option)
Analog RGB 1port
LVDS 1port (rear panel option)
Network 2ports(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T)
Audio Line-IN, Line-OUT
PS/2 Keyboard, mouse
Expansion slots PCI iC6000 series: 1slot
iC7000 series: 2slots
Switch/LED Switch Power, Reset
LED Power, HDD
Input voltage DC12V/DC24V
Dimensions iC6000 series: 195mm(W)×227mm(D)×74mm(H) (excluding rubber feet and protruding parts)
iC7000 series: 195mm(W)×227.8mm(D)×102.8mm(H) (excluding rubber feet and protruding parts)
Supported OS (32-bit version) ・Windows ® 7 Ultimate for Embedded Systems
・Windows ® 7 Professional for Embedded Systems
・Windows ® XP Professional for Embedded Systems
・Windows ® Embedded Standard 2009
・Windows ® Embedded Standard 7
・Windows ® Embedded Standard 7
  • *1 One of these types can be selected (no installation can also be selected).
  • *2 No installation can also be selected. Includes screw-lock plate cover.
  • *3 Please contact us if both bays will be used in a combination including CFast. Contact information is provided on the back cover.