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Precise control of an ink droplet landing position even with wide print gap

In addition to high precision jetting enabled by MEMS technology, that achieves a nozzle placement design that avoids air flow influencing adjacent drops and effecting the image quality, and also achieves a stable ink droplet landing on media with a wide print gap and results in high image quality printing.

image:Control of an ink droplet landing position with wide print gap

Improved printing reliability with the ink circulation mechanism

Reduces the risk of missing jets due to nozzle dryness and ink particle sedimentation by circulating ink behind the nozzles.

image:Reduction of a risk by the ink circulation mechanism

High productivity at 600dpi multi-drop jetting

It enables ink jetting at 80kHz at 5pl binary driving or 40kHz at 5/10/18pl multi-drop driving. It also achieves the high productivity of 100m+/minute print speed at 600 dpi.

image:High productivity at 600dpi multi-drop jetting

Simple Design

One in/out ink tube connection enables a simple ink delivery system for designing a printer.

image:Sible Design

Ink Compatibility

It is compatible with all types of ink such as Aqueous, UV and Solvent for wide applications from Textile/Label to Corrugated.

image:Ink Compatibility
image:Ink Compatibility
image:Ink Compatibility
image:Ink Compatibility

Thin film piezo printhead with high-definition, high-reliability and high-versatility.


image:RICOH TH6310F

Method Thin-film piezoelectric transducer with bend mode
Print Width 66.7mm
Number of nozzles 1,600 (8 × 100 channels × 2 Modules), staggered(Net: 1,576)
Nozzle Resolution 600npi
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) A : 0.677mm (8 pixels of 600npi)
B : 20.909mm (494 pixels of 600npi)
Compatible ink Aqueous, UV, Solvent, Others.
Total printhead dimensions W:104.6mm
Weight 374g
Max.number of color inks 1 color
Operating temperature range 60℃
Temperature control Integrated thermistor, heater
Firing frequency 80kHz (2 levels)
60kHz (3 levels)
40kHz (4 levels)
Grey-scale 4 levels
Drop volume 5pl (Single drop)
5~18pl (Multi drop)
Viscosity range 5.5mPa・s
Surface tension 31.6±5mN/m
Ink circulation structure
Separately sold parts TH6310F dedicated cable


image:External dimensions

-Product appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purpose.

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