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RICOH MH5421F/5421MF

RICOH MH5421F/5421MF

MH5421F/5421MF Movie


Single-pass 600 dpi high-resolution printing

image:Single-pass 600dpi high-resolution printing

With 1,280 nozzles configured in 4x150dpi rows, this head achieves high-resolution 600dpi printing. Isolated ink paths enable a single printhead to jet up to two ink colors.
Additionally the printhead is provided in two viscosity formats (F/MF) for optimized fluid handling performance.

Ink recirculating structure

image:Ink recirculating structure

Highly stable jetting performance is achieved through the introduction of a new recirculating structure. This structure enables continuous ink flow resulting in reducing the risk of jetting failure caused by either clogged ink or entrapped air bubbles. Each printhead has enhanced bonding technology for improved durability. With these new features, the RICOH MH5421F and MH5421MF printheads offer enhanced compatibility with a wider range of fluids. These features result in:

  • Increased reliability for single-pass printing by delivering improved print quality and productivity
  • Increased reliability for systems with rapid setting ink, such as pigment ink, white or metallic materials
  • Increased reliability for systems with fast drying ink
  • The removal of air bubbles in the ink chamber to achieve self-recovery from jetting failure
  • *Single-pass system : the printhead carriage remains in a fixed position and completes image printing in a single pass while the print material is conveyed underneath.

Support for gray-scale

Achieves excellent gray-scale rendering at up to 4 levels.

Excellent durability and extended service life

Ricoh inkjet print heads are made of stainless steel. These heads are highly robust and offer excellent anti-corrosion properties for multiple inks, resulting in excellent durability and extended service life.

Variable drop volume capability

The multi-drop capability allows the creation of a range of drop sizes enabling gray-scale printing.

Specifications / External dimensions

Inkjet head with high durability and reliability for 2 ink colors

Choose from 11mPa・s ink viscosity or 6mPa・s ink viscosity models to suit your application.


image:RICOH MH5421F/MH5421MF

Method Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Ink circulation structure
Print width 54.1mm
Number of nozzles 1280 (4 x 320 channels), staggered
Nozzle spacing 1/150" (0.1693mm)
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) A : 0.55mm B : 11.81mm (See illustration below)
Max. number of color inks 2colors
Compatible ink UV, Solvent, Aqueous, others
Operating temperature range Up to 60℃
Temperature control Integrated heater and thermistor
Jetting frequency 30kHz
Drop volume 7/14/21pl (depending on the ink)
Viscosity range F/MF 11mPa・s 6mPa・s
Gray-scale 4levels (depending on the ink characteristic)
Separately sold parts RICOH MH5421F / MH5421MF dedicated cable
Total printhead dimensions. 89(W) × 66.3(H) × 24.5(D) mm (3.5" × 2.6" × 1.0")
Weight 147g
  • *Results obtained from continuous jetting test using standard Ricoh test fluid.

image:Specifications / External dimensions

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