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Excellent durability and extended service life

image:Excellent durability and extended service life

Ricoh’s inkjet print heads are made of stainless steel.These heads are highly robust and offer excellent anti-corrosion properties for multiple inks, resulting in excellent durability and extended service life.

Support for different inks

With its built-in heater, these heads are capable of jetting high-viscosity inks. Additionally, the ink path is isolated from the actuator (piezo elements) , i.e. no ink contact.

Variable drop volume Capability

The multi-drop capability allows the creation of a range of drop sizes enabling grey-scale printing.

Specifications / External dimensions

Standard inkjet head with excellent durability, extended service life,
and excellent support for different inks


image1:Specifications / External dimzensions

Method Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Print Width 32.4 mm(1.28")
Number of nozzles 384 (2 × 192 channels), staggered
Nozzle spacing (Within a row) 1/150"(0.1693 mm)/row
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) 0.529 mm
Compatible ink UV, Solvent, Aqueous, Others.
Total printhead dimensions 63(W) × 62.4(D) × 16.2(H) mm (2.48" × 2.48" × 0.64") excluding cables
Weight 73g
Max.number of color inks 2 colors
Operating temperature range Up to 60℃
Temperature control Integrated heater and thermistor
Jetting frequency Binary mode : 30kHz / Grey-scale mode : 20kHz
Drop volume Binary mode : 7pl / Grey-scale mode : 7-35pl
*depending on the ink
Viscosity range 10-12 mPa•s
Surface tension 28-35mN/m
Grey-scale 4 levels
Total Length 238 mm (standard) including cables
Ink port Yes (standard) / No (optional)
Number of ink ports 2 × dual
Alignment pin direction Front (standard) / Back (optional)
  • *Results obtained from continuous jetting test using standard Ricoh test ink.

image2:Specifications / External dimzensions

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