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Expanding industrial opportunities
with new precision fabricated silicon range.

Introducing the new GH Print Head to complement Ricoh’s stainless steel MH series Print Head family. The GH Print Head is a result of over 10 years of Ricoh research and manufacturing optimization and is now made available for OEMs to incorporate in their aqueous and solvent ink based printer offerings.

Supports water and solvent based inks.

In addition to water-based inks, these print heads support solvent inks as well.

Multi-drop technology enables gray scale expressions

These print heads support multi-drop-based droplet control for instantly consolidating the ink that is discharged from the nozzle at high speeds before it reaches the surface of the medium. Droplet volume control enables full control of ink discharge from small to large droplets.

Specifications / External dimensions

Expanding industrial opportunities with new precision
fabricated silicon range.

image1:Specifications / External dimensions

Method Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Print Width 32.4 mm(1.28")
Number of nozzles 384
Nozzle spacing (Within a row) 1/150"(0.1693 mm)/row
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) 0.931 mm
Compatible ink Aqueous, Solvent
Total printhead dimensions 61.8(W) × 40.5(D) × 23.3(H) mm (2.43" × 1.59" × 0.92")
Weight 38g
Max number of color inks 2 colors
Temperature control No heater or thermistor
Life 30 billion actuations per nozzle
Jetting frequency Binary mode : 30kHz / Gray-scale : 24kHz
Drop volume Binary mode : 3-5pl / Gray-scale : 21±2pl
*depending on the ink
Viscosity range 8±0.5mPa・s(@25℃)
Surface tension 25±5mN/m (@23±2℃)
Maximum gray scale 4 levels * depends on ink characteristics
Alignment mechanism Frame-abutting
  • *Results obtained from continuous jetting test using standard Ricoh test ink.

image2:Specifications / External dimensions

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