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Create images that can be trusted; prevent leaks

Password protection restricts access to a variety of camera functions

Password-protect the entire camera or internal memory or require a password only for USB access or to modify camera settings. Access can be granted by scanning a password barcode or entering the password using the camera’s onscreen keyboard.

  • Password-protect the entire camera
  • Restrict USB access
  • Password-protect internal memory
  • Restrict access to camera settings

Create up to 2 passwords NEW

Verify User Password

Create separate user and administrator passwords. The administrator can restrict access to functions used on-site, for example to prevent unintended changes to camera settings when the camera is used in the workplace.

  Administrator User
Camera access
Menu access
Viewing internal memory
USB connection

Password protection for memory cards NEW


Two types of SD memory cards can be password protected: SDHC and SDXC. Password-protecting memory cards prevents images falling into the wrong hands should the card be lost or stolen..

  • Note: Do not forget your password. Password-protection can not be removed by support personnel.
  • Note: Before use, check that your memory card supports password-protection.

Edit detection ensures image authenticity

The RICOH G800 is equipped with extremely accurate edit detection that makes digital images submitted as evidence more likely to be trusted. RSA encryption enables edit detection for entire images, which can be imported to the supplied EC1 software for a highly accurate determination of whether or not the image has been tampered with.

  • Note: Requires the supplied EC1 software.

Date/time of recording: July 7, 2014/10:40:00

A digital signature is embedded in an image taken in edit detection mode.

Date/time of recording: August 7, 2014/10:40:00

Changes to the image, such as retouching or changing the date of recording, create inconsistencies in the digital signature.

Note: Composite image; actual display not shown.

The supplied software inspects the signature for consistency to determine whether or not the image has been modified.