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A high-performance camera for your worksite

Back-illuminated CMOS sensor takes bright photos in dim light NEW

Take clear shots of dimly-lit worksites or writing on a blackboard. An effective pixel count of 16 million ensures that details show clearly even after pictures are cropped.

An effective pixel count of 16 million ensures

Accessory shoe

Accessory shoe

To shoot a wider range of subjects, attach a third-party flash unit* to the JIS B7101-compliant accessory shoe.

  • Use a unit that supports slave and pre-flash functions. Units without spring mechanisms or safety locks or that require pre-flash support for flash control can not be used. Sync terminals are not supported.

High-capacity 8 GB built-in memory NEW

Keep taking photos even without a memory card.

  • Note :Built-in memory is also used to store system files; the actual capacity available to the user is about 6.5 GB.

Button hold options prevent unintended operation NEW

To avoid unintended operation such as accidental menu display or the camera turning on during transport, use the menus to reduce the response speed of the power and menu buttons.

Wide-angle 3.0-inch, 920k-dot picture display is easy to read, indoors and out NEW

The large, high-resolution 3.0-inch/920-k dot picture display offers both high contrast and a wide viewing angle for unsurpassed outdoor viewing. Keeping the DISP button pressed for a few seconds selects maximum brightness, helping you deal with quick changes in ambient lighting.

Wide-angle 3.0-inch, 920k-dot picture display is easy to read, indoors and out

Note : Composite image; actual display not shown.

ADJ. button

ADJ. button

The ADJ. button provides quick access to camera settings, including exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity.

  • Note :The ADJ. button functions as a camera memo button when camera memo settings are enabled.

Blur reduction

The RICOH G800 features a new type of blur reduction that quickly calculates the difference between two exposures for outstanding performance in dim lighting and at high zoom ratios.

Full HD for smooth movie recording NEW

Full HD (1920×1080, 30 fps) recording ensures high-quality, smoothplaying movies. Movie files are recorded in H.264 format.

  • Note :Movies may be up to 4 GB in size.