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Automatize post-shooting sorting

Camera memos: image management made easy NEW

Hard-to-identify images can be clearly labeled with written descriptions in the form of camera memos saved simultaneously with the picture and consisting of up to 20 items, each with descriptions of up to 128 characters. Up to 99 different memos can be added to camera memo lists—which can be stored in the camera’s internal memory—and selected as desired. In camera memo Mode 3 you can limit your choice of descriptions according to the item selected.

The camera can be used to view drawings and other reference images appended to camera memos.

Camera Memos

Image files contain areas reserved for metadata that can be used to store notes pertaining to the picture. The user creates a camera memo list consisting “items” (identifiers), each with its own “description” (contents), and uploads it to the camera. Memos can then be added to pictures to make them easier to identify and classify.

Note: Camera memo lists can be created using the supplied List Editor software

Versatile functions help you manage and sort images after shooting

Here are some features that will greatly reduce your post-shooting workload when it comes to such tasks as data management and manually sorting images by viewing them one at a time.

Categorize images automatically

Import memo data and use it to categorize images automatically, educing the work involved in sorting files after shooting.
Note: Requires the supplied DL-10 software.


Sorting and searching are a snap

Rename files automatically based on memo contents to streamline sort and search operations. Files can also be renamed based on information read from barcodes.
Note: Requires the supplied EX1 for Client software.


Barcodes help with memo and password entry

The RICOH G800 reads linear and matrix barcodes. Barcodes can be stored as camera memos that can help with such tasks as managing goods for distribution and preventing patient mix-ups at medical institutions.
Note: Barcodes can only be read into camera memo lists


Camera memos make generating reports a snap


Text title

It’s easy to generate handy reports with memos. No need to write them out by hand—simply print them and use them in statements or reports.
Note: Requires the supplied ME1 software.

Stamp memo data on pictures

Camera memo data can be stamped in three locations on the corners and edges of the image so that its content can be verified at a glance.


Clip images onto other imagesNEW

For example, you can clip shots of survey data onto worksite photos so that the relationship between the photos and the survey data is clear when the photos are viewed.
Note: Requires the supplied ME1 software.


Add camera memos to moviesNEW

Simplify movie file management with camera memos that can be viewed using the supplied ME1 software.

Add temporary voice memos to pictures

Up to 30 seconds of voice data can be recorded when a photo is taken.
Use this feature to add temporary memos giving onsite survey data and other new information. This function can be assigned to a shortcut key for quick access.