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Wide & Macro

High-performance lens handles various situation

28-140 mm non-extending optical 5x zoom captures each subject as intended

The G700SE uses a 28-140 mm 5x optical zoom lens. With the ability to take photographs across a wide range impossible for a standard 35 mm lens, the G700SE is convenient for shooting indoors and at other sites where it is not practical to back up. It also easily handles telephoto shooting.

Even in confined space, take photographs with wide coverage of the subject

Zoom in to capture the subject from far away

Wide conversion lens (DW-5) <Option>

Wide conversion lens (DW-5)

Now it is possible to shoot at an even wider 22 mm equivalent. With the slim design, you can shoot without being bothered by lens bulk even when the conversion lens is attached.

an even wider 22 mm equivalent
*When the flash is used with the wide conversion lens attached, parts of the image may be dark because the light does not reach the edge of the frame.

Even surface texture is visible: 1 cm macro shooting

1 cm macro shooting

With 1 cm wide-angle macro photography* you can capture small screws and scratches and even vividly reproduce material textures. In addition, the flash can be used to illuminate subjects as close as 20 cm.

  • *The macro shooting wide-angle setting is f=5.9mm at a 33 mm focal length (35 mm equivalent). At maximum telephoto you can shoot as close as 15 cm.