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RICOH G700 The water, dust, and shock resistant digital camera

The G700 was created for the demanding professional. To the water, dust, and shock resistance necessary for hard work-site use, chemical resistance has now been added. The wide range of functions includes a CALS mode useful for electronic data submission and a password camera lock capability. Attaining new levels of reliability, this true tool represents the crystallization of Ricoh technology.

Outline of product


  • SDHC
  • PictBridge
  • ExifPrint
  • PRINT Image Matching
  • Water, dust, and shock resistance
  • 12.1 effective pixels
  • 5x optical zoom 28mm-140mm
  • Chemical resistance
  • Internal flash10m
  • SD-WORM password lock
  • Electronic level

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  • *Lens focal lengths described in this web site are values converted into those for a 35 mm camera equivalent.
  • *Colors of products and photographs may differ slightly from actual colors due to website restraints.