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October 10
Exhibited at BioJapan 2023 [Japanese only]


October 5
Exhibited at BioJapan [Japanese only]
April 12
Exhibited at the International Pharmaceutical Development Expo 2022 [Japanese only]
March 2
Exhibited at Pharma Lab Expo Osaka [Japanese only]


December 2
Exhibited at Pharma Lab Expo Tokyo [Japanese only]
May 10
Elixirgen Scientific released the "Quick-Neuron™ Plate - MEA 48" human neuronal pharmacological/toxicity evaluation plate, co-developed with Ricoh. [Japanese only]

Press release


March 27
Press release
Ricoh made its first investment since the establishment of the "Ricoh Biomedical Startup Fund". [Japanese only]
March 27
Press release
Successfully produced human neuronal cells useful for research on memory mechanisms and the development of therapeutic drugs for central nervous system disorders.


October 7
The proposal by Ricoh and Elixirgen Scientific Japan was adopted for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Project for the Development of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Bases to Strengthen Vaccine Production Systems. [Japanese only]
August 30
Established a fund to revitalize the mRNA drug discovery market in Japan.
May 17
Strengthened drug discovery support business using mRNA.