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Bio 3D Printing Technology

Bio 3D Printing Technology

Contributing to the Advancement of Regenerative Medicine Innovation

Ricoh has developed the "Bio 3D Printer" drawing upon the extensive technology expertise accumulated through years of printer development. This innovative technology contributes to the fields of drug discovery and regenerative medicine through the application of advanced cell encapsulation techniques.

Bio 3D Printer

Ricoh has achieved a significant milestone by creating an inkjet head designed to be cell-friendly. This innovative technology allows for the uniform and high-throughput production of encapsulated cells in desired sizes, even at high volumes, without harming the cells.
Additionally, it can encapsulate various cell types in small droplets with exceptional precision. This advancement brings us closer to the realization of 3D human tissues that closely mimic biological contexts, thereby expediting research and development in regenerative medicine and providing relevant alternatives to animal testing.