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Short Throw Lens


  • Supports resolutions from XGA to WUXGA (panel sizes 0.59 - 0.75 inches)
  • Uses RICOH's aspherical plastic lens to provide high resolution with low distortion all the way to the periphery
  • 0.46 - 0.6 throw ratio
  • Lens mount supports various customization
  • Telecentric lens
  • FnoF1.6 - F1.8
  • 2,000lm - 5,000lm brightness preset

Principal Use

image:Relatively small meeting rooms

Relatively small meeting rooms

image:Meeting rooms with limited installation space

Meeting rooms with limited installation space

Product Line-up


image:Short Focus Lens

(High Luminance)

image:Short Focus Lens


image:Short Focus Lens

Major Specifications

  Short Throw Lens
Panel 0.63X 0.63X 0.59W
0.59W 0.59W -
Image Circle φ24.8 φ24.0 φ22.0
Panel Shift 120% 110% 120%
F No. W 1.8 1.8 1.6
T - - -
Zoom Ratio - - -
BF(in air) 27.2 26.9 25.7
Insert thickness(BK 7) 25.8 25.8 26.89
80 inch/distance 0.98m 0.75m 0.83m
TR(main panel) 0.6 0.46 0.48
Lens Length 160mm 170mm 168mm
Lens Size 133mm 133mm 125mm

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