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Inks Currently Under Development

Industrial Inkjet

Metal halide UV cured inks
Stretchable inks

Characteristics and Advantages

Stretchability of ink Ricoh’s stretchable inks offers excellent stretchability performance for example. A sheet printed with a 5mm grid is vacuum-formed and stretched to 13mm (260%).

● These inks offer excellent hardness and fit, as well as excellent stretchiness to support easier post processing.

The excellent flexibility of Ricoh’s stretchable inks support a variety of shapes in post-processing, while maintaining excellent hardness and fit. Additionally, because these are inkjet inks, you will be able to print gradations and multi-color items that are difficult to achieve with screen printing.

Heat stretchability:Heat is applied to stretch it for forming uneven surfaces. Hardness:No scratches during transport or handling in the manufacturing process.

● A pattern is printed on a flat film and made to fit the shape of the substrate.

A pattern is printed on a film with Ricoh’s UV cured ink, the film is made to fit on the cover or similar surface of a three dimensional item, and then formed. Thanks to its substrate-agnostic properties, it can be used on plastics, aluminum, and glass among other materials. It can also follow the grains and other contours of the material’s surface.

A film on which a pattern has been formed is placed into a die for injection molding. The heat of the plastic during molding transfers the pattern to the molded item as it is being molded.

● A pattern is printed on a flat substrate, which is then molded or processed.

Since the ink possesses excellent stretchability as well as hardness and fit, it can substitute for offset or screen printing even in insert molding processes.

● Smaller environmental footprint

Since the process of transferring to film by inkjet printing and insert forming after printing are dry processes, they do not produce effluents that require treatment such as with three dimensional processing using metal plating processes or water pressure transfer films, and therefore have a smaller environmental footprint.

Metal halide UV cured ink
Clear top coat ink

Characteristics and Advantages

● Fits a wide range of smooth plastic substrates of a variety of types.
This is a top coat ink that delivers small shrinkage during hardening and offers a high adhesion force. It will wet most plastic surface, and has excellent lay-flat characteristics. It supports a wide range of plastic substrates, and can be used as a substitute for surface coatings and paints.

● Improve productivity by integrating color printing and clear coating in an in-line process.
You can dramatically improve your productivity by integrating decorative printing and clear coating in an in-line process. You can give your surfaces protection and gloss coating without the need for a masking process, such as required for spray coating after a screen printing process. You can also reduce the: Amount of wasted ink Amount of power used for drying Size of your clean booths

● Environmentally-friendly and very safe
This ink contains no VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) and is therefore gentler on the environment than solvent-based inks. Additionally, it has a lower skin irritability (PII is less than 2), as well as negative skin sensitization and mutagenicity. This means that you can create coatings with lower levels of body irritation and odors that are typically a concern with UV inks.

Optimum head

Ink for printer systems

Latex ink

Water-based ink with superior media adaptability.
This is a heat-hardening water-based ink that is designed to print on a diverse range of media including PVC media, paper, textiles, PET, and film. In addition to being environmentally-friendly with its low VOC (volatile organic chemical) emissions, it offers excellent productivity with its highly reliable jetting performance and imaging at low-temperature.

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