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Reference Material for Genetic Testing (DNA Reference Material)

Infectious diseases


Issues associated with PCR testing

  • Can you say for certain that a person is not infected with the virus if they have a negative test result?
  • Inconsistent performance from one facility to another
  • Inconsistent performance depending on what kind of equipment and reagents are used

DNA reference plate that overcomes issues associated with PCR testing

A DNA reference plate is a product in which DNA comes dispensed into a PCR plate or tube well in 1-copy units. It is used in reaction systems (measurement systems, detection systems) that can be difficult to work with due to the limitations of the dilution method or evaluating reagent performance in low-concentrations.

DNA reference plate
Viral DNA
  • Can be used to quality control PCR tests.
  • correctly assess the performance of LDT (Laboratory Developed Test) reagents.

How the DNA reference plate is made

By combining homologous recombination technology with Ricoh’s own precise cell dispensing technology based on inkjet, it has been possible to manufacture DNA reference plates that contain a predetermined number of copies of the target DNA sequence.

Acquisition process

This product is sold for use in all types of research. It cannot be used in medical treatment and diagnosis.

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