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Launch date September 2015
Discontinuance date The last day of August 2020
Repair service end date The last day of August 2027

Main Features

  • New design featuring significantly enhanced protection against vibrations and impact
    Memory and storage (eMMC) use an onboard design for even better protection against vibrations.
    *eMMC (embedded MultiMedia Card): A type of embedded storage device the onboard design enables higher reliability and better cost effectiveness.
  • Full range of communication features
    LAN interface includes 2 channels
    CAN includes 2 channels for enabling high-reliability communication
  • Wide array of available interfaces
    Features a wide range of interfaces, including LAN port, serial port, SD card slot, and more, in a 100mm x 160mm size
Model Specifications
AB2-Q Freescale® ARM® i.MX6 Quad
AB2-S Freescale® ARM® i.MX6 Solo