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Lens Option

Lens accessories (RICOH FP series) that maximize the high-performance of RICOH FL series and provide a variety of uses

Extension Tube Set (Macro Rings)

【FP-RGST】 6 Extensing tube ring sets

Extension tube set (Macro Rings) are inserted between the lens and camera to shift the focus point further than the mechanical limit of the lens, for close-up applications.
Different length tubes can be used in combination with each other.

  • Note: Extension Tubes are not suitable for zoom lenses. Lens will not track focus whilst zooming.

image:FP-RGST 6 Extensing tube ring sets


Length: 0.5 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm


image:RICOH FP-RG01
Length: 1 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm


image:RICOH FP-RG05
Length: 5 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm


image:RICOH FP-RG10
Length: 10 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm


image:RICOH FP-RG20
Length: 20 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm


image:RICOH FP-RG40
Length: 40 mm
Maximum diameter: 31 mm

Macro Focus Mount

Macro focus mounts extend the flange back length by 2mm by replacing the original C-Mount of lens.

Note: Mount screw length is normally 3.5~4mm.
If the use of 2mm of Extension Tube is required, the remaining mount screw is insufficient to mount to the camera securely.
Under these circumstances use of this accessory is highly recommended.



(for FL-BC2514D-VG, FL-CC1614A-VG, FL-HC1212B-VG)



(for mega-pixel lens only)


Attaches to the rear of C-Mount lenses to double the focal length.

  • Note:
    1) When the focal length is doubled, the angle of view halves and the F no. is doubled.
    2) Resolution is lowered, contrast reduced and image sharpness reduced due to decreased depth of field.
       (There is no change in zoom ratio or minimum object distance.)
    3) Range extender cannot be attached if the rear optic protrudes by 3.7mm or more from the flange surface.


Focal length magnification:2X
Flange back length:17.526 mm
Compatible lens:C-mount

Reverse Ring

To achieve magnification greater than 1:1, use this accessory to reverse the lens. Set comprises of a reverse ring and a shade ring.



Mount Adapter

Use this mount adapter to mount a C-mount lens on a CS-mount camera.