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VGA Lens (Manual Zoom Lens)


Format size 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length 8-48 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.0-1.2
Iris range 1.0-22
Mount C
angle of view
1/3" format 33.0-5.8°
1/2" format 43.3-7.7°
1/1.8" format -
2/3" format -
Minimum object distance 0.75 m
Back focal length 13.65 mm
Filter size 55 P=0.75 mm
Dimensions φ57×95 mm
Weight 430 g
Remarks Manual Iris, Lock screws

FL-CC6Z1218-VG / FL-CC6Z1218A-VG


Format size 2/3, 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length 12.5-75 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.8
Iris range 1.8-22
Mount C
angle of view
1/3" format 21.9-3.6°
1/2" format 29.1-4.8°
1/1.8" format 31.9-5.5°
2/3" format 39.7-6.6°
Minimum object distance 1.0 m
Back focal length 18.41 mm
Filter size 49 P=0.75 mm
Dimensions φ51×90 mm
Weight 320 g
Remarks Manual Iris: FL-CC6Z1218-VG
Manual Iris, Locking Screws(zoom and focus only): FL-CC6Z1218A-VG



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