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UV Lens


An optical system that employs optical-grade quartz glass for imaging in the near-ultraviolet region
This lens is optimized for application in the inspection of minute surfaces

Used for detection of counterfeit banknotes; falsified documents and credit cards, surface inspection of circuit boards for soldering defects

  • High performance quartz glass, enabling the capture of sharp images in the near-ultraviolet region.
  • Extended wavelength range (230nm to 800nm), with peak performance at 365nm.
  • Compact design, ideal for integration into machine vision systems
  • Optimised for use with band pass filters and UV illumination to provide falsified documents detection



Format size 1, 2/3, 1/2" format
Focal length 25 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:2.8
Iris range 2.8-16
Mount C
angle of view
1/3" format 11.1°
1/2" format 14.8°
1/1.8" format 16.6°
2/3" format 20.4°
1" format 29.7°
Minimum object distance 0.23 m
Back focal length 22.07 mm
Filter size 25.5 P=0.5 mm
Dimensions φ30×25.4 mm
Weight 33 g
Remarks Optimum wavelength 365nm



Format size 1, 2/3, 1/2" format
Focal length 78 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:3.8
Iris range 3.8-16
Mount C
angle of view
1/3" format 3.5°
1/2" format 4.7°
1/1.8" format 5.3°
2/3" format 6.5°
1" format 9.5°
Minimum object distance 0.44 m
Back focal length 71.31 mm
Filter size 49 P=0.75 mm
Dimensions φ62.5×109.3 mm
Weight 446 g
Remarks Optimum wavelength 365nm