Top performance and high-grade functions compacted into a tough body. Expanding your world of outdoor recreation.

A water, dust, and shock resistant digital camera for peace of mind in outdoor use

The G600 digital camera has a 5x optical zoom lens with the water, dust, and shock resistance specs needed for reliable operation in outdoor activities such as marine sports, mountain climbing, and fishing. Water resistance is rated at JIS protection grade 7, with underwater shooting up to a depth of 1 meter possible. Dust resistance, at JIS protection grade 6, guards against infiltration by dust and sand. The G600 can also handle cold environments, being usable down to a temperature of -10°C. In drop testing performed in accordance with US deprtment of Defence standards [MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5, Procedure IV (Transit Drop Test)*] , the G600 passed the 1.5-meter shock resisitance test.

  • * Dropped in power-off mode. It is guaranteed neither breakdown nor not to damage.

Capture the subject in the desired size with 28 - 140mm winding optics 5x zoom

28-140mm optical zoom installed. The possibilities are endless: from commemorative photos with background scenery using 28mm to compelling close-ups using 140mm. With the optional wide conversion lens DW-5, you can also take a dynamic photograph at a super-wide angle of 22mm.

28mm WIDE

f=28mm 1/128 sec. F3.5 ISO100

140mm TELE

f=140mm 1/41 sec. F5.5 ISO100

Amazing macro photography can be taken only 1 cm away from the subject.

Macro photography becomes even more enjoyable, from a distance of only 1 cm* at macro mode and approximately 15 cm at telephoto mode.

  • *Wide angle at time of macro photography is f=5.9mm, 35mm of focal length, conversion value of 33mm.

f=33mm 1/82 sec. F3.8 ISO100

10 million effective pixels captures the subject in exquisite detail

10 million effective pixel 1/2.3 type CCD installed. Drops from a water spray or dynamic scenery are all captured alive through the high-resolution expression of minute details.

The blur correction function prevents photo blurring

The electronic blur correction function is installed for use when photographing dim scenes or utilizing the telephoto lens.

The installed flash reaches 10m and is high-sensitivity ISO3200 compliant.

Night-time photography at the ocean, for example, can be enjoyed with ease through built-in flash mode that can reach up to 10m at wide-angle and 6.2m at telephoto mode. Because the camera is also high-sensitivity ISO 3200 compliant, pictures can also be illuminated without the use of the flash.

The 2.7 inch wide angle monitor can be viewed and used easily outdoors

Large, high-resolution image monitor of 2.7 inches and 230,000 pixels. Excellent outdoor visibility with wide angle and high contrast monitor.



  • * Simulated image

Flat body

The 5x optical zoom lens utilizes a refractive lens that remains a flat body regardless of whether the power is on or off.

Take up to 360 photographs

Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery
AAA Alkaline Battery
AAA Alkaline Battery

Utilizing the rechargeable battery included in the package, it is possible to take approximately 360 pictures. Pictures can be taken without worries in the mountains or at sea where new batteries cannot be purchased. In an emergency, approximately 60 pictures can be taken utilizing a triple AAA battery.

ADJ. (Adjust) button enables easier camera operations

ADJ. button

The ADJ. button simplifies the camera setting procedures. By assigning your favorite functions to the ADJ. button, you can easily make various settings just by pressing the ADJ. button.

Image brightness and contrast correction function

You can correct the brightness and contrast of a still image and record the resulting image. Since five levels of adjustment are possible, the optimum correction of each image can be done. The image from before the correction is saved as a separate file.


Original Image


Image edit detection

* Simulated image

An edit check function detects for image data tampering. This increases the reliability of the data when digital photographic images are submitted as corroborative evidence.

Skew correction function

Skew correction mode can modify photographs taken at an angle so that they look as if they were shot from the front. This is a powerful tool for various situations, such as images shot for information boards, timetables and map.

PictBridge compatibility


The G600 is compliant with the PictBridge standard that allows direct connection to a printer without routing through a personal computer. More diverse printing is possible, such as printing on forms registered in the printer, when connected to Ricoh's high-speed color laser printers and MFP*.

  • * For further details ,Please contact your local Ricoh dealer.

USB connection

When the camera is connected to a personal computer via a USB cable, it is recognized as an external storage device, so images in the camera can be transferred to the computer without using special software. Full-automatic transfer is also available with the special software.

BroadBand (77sec/7.5MB) NarrowBand (77sec/3.8MB) Windows Media Player

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