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Automotive Molded Components

Automotive Molded Components

High accuracy, High reliability Automotive molded Components

RICOH Industrial Solutions is working on development and serial production of Automotive molded components by brushing up our molding, coating technology cultivated through RICOH's office printing business.
For HUD(Head up display) mirrors we have serial production result, and are capable of large size mirrors such as those over 250mm2. Moreover, based on serial production result of HUD mirrors, we are accelerating development of Molded components for Head lamps.

Product Spec in brief
HUD mirror Material : COP, COC, PC and others
Size : ~45,000mm2
Surface accuracy : < 2.5nm
※Surface accuracy differ depending on form etc.
Molded parts for Head Lamp Material : PC
Roughness Ra : 10nm
Form error : PV 30µm-50µm
Slope error : 0.2°/mm

※Please contact for further details

HUD mirror

HUD mirror

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