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What is RECO-View Thermal Rewritable?

A Ricoh technology for visualizing digital information.

RECO-View™ CR film RECO-View ™ PR film
Displays crisp black lettering with excellent contrast.
Highly visible and easy-to-read text perfect for conveying messages.
White lettering against a silver background.
All sorts of information presented while projecting a refined, classy image.

What products use the Thermal Rewritable technology?

Thermal rewritable (TR) technology permits images to be easily formed and erased again and again by controlling the temperature applied to the media. Card applications with this technology applied to film stock are used extensively throughout the world. Considering the seamless integration of TR technology with IC chips, we anticipate a vast number of applications for TR technology in many different areas.

What is RECO-View ™?

RECO-View stands for REwritable, REcyclable, REusable, ECOlogy, ECOnomy. Emphasizing VIEWability, RECO-View™ is the trademark for Ricoh's whole Thermal Rewritable product line.