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TrueType Font

TrueType Font

Standard Scalable Outline Font

  • OS Compatibility
  • Diverse Range of Typefaces
  • Scalable

RICOH TrueType Font

RICOH’s TrueType fonts are used in a variety of products including Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Office.

Fonts Bundled with Windows®

MS Mincho
MS Gothic

NOTE: MS Mincho and MS Gothic copyrights are owned by Microsoft Corporation.
Equivalent products (HGMinchoL and HGGothicB) are available from RICOH. Please inquire for further information.

Fonts Bundled with Microsoft® Office
  • HGSeikaisyotai PRO
  • HGMaruGothicMPRO
  • HGMinchoB
  • HGMinchoE
  • HGGyosyotai
  • HGKyokashotai
  • HGGothicM
  • HGGothicE
  • HGSoeiKakupoptai
  • HGSoeiKakugothicUB
  • HGSoeiPresenceEB

Full Support System

Multiple Language and Typeface Support

For languages and typefaces not listed in this site, please inquire.

TrueType Font with Bitmap Font

Similar to MS Mincho and MS Gothic, bitmap font can be stored with TrueType Font, ensuring excellent readability.

Character Set Additions and Character Form Changes

RICOH can meet your request as flexible as possible. For example, necessary character additions,
character form change like zero with slush.