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Layout Engine


Text String Width Acquisition Tool

RICOH’s tool makes it possible to verify whether the display can fall within the designated range or not by simulating the text width (dot numbers) on PC, not actual device.
Product development period can be shortened without extra man hours for UI design in the multi-language support.
This option is available at an additional charge.
The tool will be provided with DLL

image1: Layout Engine

Recommended for UI designers who spend many man hours in multi-language support.

For individuals who are faced with the difficult tasks of multi-language expression, including on-screen checking of translations for the purpose of fitting the appropriate text to the designated size or area of the actual device.

image2: Layout Engine

Also, for individuals who need to check the results on the device numerous times to verify text string widths due to differences in font size, despite the fact that the same language and sentenced are being used.

image3: Layout Engine