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3D vision sensor Industrial Stereo Camera

RICOH SV-M-S1 Product specifications

Method Triangulation(stereo matching)
Imaging device 1/3" CMOS
Pixel size
(effective image output pixels)
1280×960(effective pixels: 1280×956)
Working distance 800mm to 1200mm
Measuring field of view
(vertical × horizontal)
(measuring field of view lateral angular: Approx. 28deg)
Distance measuring precision*1 Approximately ±1mm (for measurements at 1m)
Frame rate 30fps
Shutter type Rolling shutter
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Image output Luminance image: 8bit Parallax image: 32bit float Range image: 32bit float
Power supply voltage 12/24 V ±10%
Operating temperature range 0℃ to +45℃
External dimensions*2 232(W)×40(H)×140(D) mm
Weight 1140 g
PC software*3 Setting and display tools, SDK
  • *1Reference values from RICOH specified conditions. Subject to change based on the measuring environment and subject.
  • *2Exclusive of projections
  • *3Downloadable at RICOH's website

RICOH SV-M-S1 Download software recommended operating conditions

OS Windows® 7 Professional(32/64bit)
CPU Intel® Core™ i5 processor or faster
Memory 4GB or more
LAN Gigabit Ethernet 1 port

RICOH SV-M-S1 Dimensions

  • *Equipped with VESA standard mounting hole in addition to camera tripod mounting hole

RICOH SL-M-LE Product specifications

Light source Blue LED(450nm)
Brightness*1 3 W(WIDE), 2 W(TELE)
Working distance 800 mm to 1200 mm
Projection size
(vertical × horizontal)*2
450 mm×550 mm
Uniformity*1 80%
Luminescence method Steady luminescence
Light control Volume dimming(manual)8 bit data 0 to 255(external)
Error detection High temperature in luminescing section
Input voltage AC 100 to 240 V
Operating temperature range 0℃ to +45℃
Power consumption 70 VA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Cooling Forced air cooling
External dimensions*3 Luminescence section: 170(W)×100(H)×214.3(D) mm
Power section: 230(W)×248(H)×136(D) mm
Weight LED luminescence section: Approx. 3.3 kg
Power section: Approx. 4.0 kg
Interface RS-232C, digital IO
  • *1Reference values at ambient temperature 25°C, working distance 800 mm (WIDE) x 1200 mm (TELE) with a projection size of 450 mm x 550 mm. (When projected on a solid color.)
  • *2With a working distance of 800 mm (WIDE)
  • *3Exclusive of projections

RICOH SL-M-LE Dimensions

Light-emitting part

image:Light-emitting part

  • *Equipped with VESA standard mounting hole in addition to camera tripod mounting hole

Power supply

image:Power supply