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Extended Depth of Field Cameras(Discontinued Products)

RICOH Extended Depth of Field Cameras

Discontinuation of Ricoh Extended Depth of Field Cameras

The sales and distribution of Extended Depth of Field Cameras will be discontinued on April 27th, 2018.
As this might cause inconvenience on your side, we would like to ask for your understanding. Thank you for your continued support and interest to Ricoh products.

April 27, 2018
Last day to accept orders

A fusion of RICOH optical design and image processing technology has realized a depth of field 3 to 5 times* better than conventional cameras (compared to RICOH products).

Consisting of a dedicated camera equipped with a newly developed special algorithm and a specific range of lenses, RICOH’s extended depth of field camera system requires no focus readjustment or no repositioning of the camera or subject. A new 5MP high resolution camera with 3 dedicated lenses have been added to the EDoF lineup to support a wider range of applications.

  • *When compared to cameras at the same working distance. The extended depth of field effect varies depending on the subject matter.



Image:EV-L500C1 *EV-L500C1 + EL-BC751L-5M

1" interline 5.2M color grobal shutter CMOS

Image:EV-G200C1 *EV-G200C1 + EL-CC3521-2M

1/1.8" interline UXGA color progressive CCD
GigE Vision™ Camera

Image:EV-G200B1 *EV-G200B1 + EL-HC1228-2M

1/1.8" interline UXGA monochrome progressive CCD
GigE Vision™ Camera

Image:EV-G030B1 *EV-G030B1 + EL-CC0817B-VG

1/3" interline VGA monochrome progressive CCD
GigE Vision™ Camera


RICOH extended depth of field camera and supported lenses

Camera model name
EV-L500C1 EV-G200C1 EV-G200B1 EV-G030B1
Lens model name EL-BC2550-5M × × ×
EL-BC5090-5M × × ×
EL-BC751L-5M × × ×
EL-HC1228-2M ×
EL-HC1255-2M ×
EL-CC3521-2M ×
EL-CC3543-2M ×
EL-CC3586-2M ×
EL-CC0817B-VG × × ×
EL-CC0833B-VG × × ×
EL-CC0866B-VG × × ×
  • *The special algorithm of the camera varies depending on each of the 11 lenses. You will be provided a set configured to the algorithm according to the ordered lens, so make sure to use with the fixed set.

Additional time may be needed to respond to mail received on or immediately before or after weekends, holidays, or the year end/New Year's. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.